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Safranin can assist as an adviser to clients as well as manage their full health and safety programmes including, Health & Safety meetings, legal appointments, site surveys and compiling safe work procedures as required. This will assure compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and other legislation pertaining to health and safety.



LEGAL COMPLIANCE AUDITS are conducted on site to determine the compliance of the client to the requirements of the legislation. 

The following legislation is used to
determine compliance. At Safranin we are able to support in these:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993

  • Injuries and Diseases Act, 130 of 1993

  • National Building Regulations (SANS 10400:2011)

  • Smoking of Tobacco Act 83 of 1993

  • Fertilizers, Farms Feeds Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act, 36 of 1947

  • Creating of emergency evacuation plans as required by local bylaws



RISK ASSESSMENTS & HAZARD IDENTIFICATION are a legal requirement. Safranin can support in assessing all areas of the business including classrooms, administrative offices, production areas and transport  to determine exposure to customers and employees.

We  are able to conduct the following assessments: 

  • COVID-19 Risk

  • Environmental risk

  • Fire risks

  • Hazardous chemical risks

  • Ergonomic risk

Safranin can also compile health and safety files as per the requirements of the client’s health and safety specification’s.



AUDITS & SURVEYS are important tools used in the identification of non-compliance within the work environment. Fixing these shortfalls can save money and lives. 

The following audits and surveys are conducted on site.

  • Legal compliance audits

  • Fire prevention and equipment survey

  • Hazardous chemical substances surveys (MSDS)

  • Safety symbolic sign survey

  • Occupational Hygiene surveys (Noise, dust illumination etc.)

  • General health and safety surveys

  • Machine guard survey​

We can also support with all your legal signage and wall chart requirements.



HEALTH & SAFETY SYSTEMS help  establishes and maintain a culture of safety across an organisation. They drive changes in the attitudes and behaviour of management and workers developing a strong commitment to a safer work environment.

Safranin can help with the development and introduction of international Health and Safety management systems including:

  • Environmental ISO 14001:2017

  • Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001:2018 systems

  • Food Safety Management System HACCP SANS 10330:2020

We can also assist in developing a bespoke health and safety programme for your environment and needs.



INCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS is the gathering, collation and analysis of all information around an incident where someone was injured property damage occurred. The findings of the investigation will be used to to  create a  recommend prevention plan that will eliminate or mitigate possible re-occurrences. 

We are able to provide

  • Full Incident Investigations

  • Prevention Plan Implementation

  • Liaise with the Department of Employment & Labour



TRAINING PROGRAMMES allows you to strengthen the skills, capability and productivity of employees and reduce any weak links within the company

Safranin provide the following  training courses:

  • Accident/Incident Investigation -2 days

  • Fire equipment and  Fire prevention -1 day

  • Risk Assessment Training -1 day

  • Confined Space Training -1 day

  • LPG Gas training -1 day

  • Health & Safety for Supervisors -1 day

  • Storing and Stacking Training -1 day

  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Training -1 day

We are also able to create in-house training courses to your bespoke requirements.

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